Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The warmer weather is here at last and although we can't grab our buckets and spades and head straight to the beach just yet; what we can at least do is wave goodbye to the boring, dull and tedious winter wardrobe and finally start brightening up our images.

Making that transition from the heavy wools to the much lighter cottons can be a breath of fresh air however as men; whether fussy or otherwise we can quite easily get flustered when it comes to what we should and shouldn't be wearing. Unless you are the fashion conscious, regularly checking the magazines and forums on what's hot and what's not; keeping up with trends can be exhausting.

All you want to ensure is that you at least look good isn't it? Well luckily I've scoured the latest news, shows and reviews on what to expect from SS14 and below are just a few of the top tips to consider if you want to ensure that your spring clothing is comprised of the best...

Bold and Bright- Bright, standout colours are a must for the coming season. Whether it is your jackets, tops, trainers, sneakers or even accessories; the brighter it is, the better for SS14. You can easily find a range of brightly coloured menswear everywhere from the high street stores to your favourite designer labels, you'll be sure to find the right colours to suit you.
Short Jackets- Again, whether big brands like Ralph Lauren or high street stores like Topshop; all of the fashion leaders are all embracing the must haves of the season. Short jackets, bomber jackets and leather jackets are just a few that are set to dominate the  market so if you want to ensure that your spring wardrobe is the best, then stick to this.
Casual Footwear- Whether you are the man who loves his trainers and sneakers or not; casual footwear has made a massive comeback so it is important to ensure that this season you embrace this must have. From plain canvas sneakers to brightly coloured trainers; whatever your particular choice, as long as you keep it casual you should do alright.
Suede- Whether the jacket you wear or the shoes on your feet; from designer brands to high street stores like ASOS; suede is making a massive comeback in SS14. If you have never embraced Suede before then consider initially trying out a small dose in order to ease yourself in.

The start of  a new season is an exciting time as it gives us all a chance to brighten up our wardrobes and give our images a much needed refresh. Whether you know a thing or two about mens designer clothing, consider yourself a novice or someone who simply wants to know how to look half decent; think simplicity, casualness and a fresh bright look and SS14 will no doubt be a fantastically fashionable year for you.